If you want to do it – do it!


Yesterday I hit the treadmill for my intervals. 5 x 800s. I secretely hoped that I would achieve a 2 minute 45 second interval but in the end I had to settle for a 2 minute 47 second one as my best (on the plus side there is room for improvement!). It was a tough session, partly because mentally I was drained and partly because I pushed SO hard I was at my absolute limits but MOSTLY because it was hot.

Make no mistake about it I am not a hot weather runner. I fall apart. I get stomach cramps, feel light headed, dizzy and lose pace dramtically. I know what you are thinking – hydrate better right? I could run with an IV of fluid and still not be a “hot weather” runner. I am the queen of hydration… One of my nick names is “glug glug glug”! In the first few months of breast feeding I would put down 5 litres a day like it was no ones business.

So by the time I had finished my last interval yesterday, I was feeling pretty terrible. Little A was asleep and as much as I wanted a nice long relaxing cool down (and to clock up some extra Ks Miles for September Miles Madness) I wanted to stop MORE.

Then it occured to me – how am I ever going to become a better runner in the heat if I don’t run in the heat. Don’t get me wrong I am not suggesting choosing the hottest part of the day to head out or continuing to run when you are faint or dizzy. But after my last interval I had demolished a bottle of water and I wasn’t feeling ill just sluggish…couldn’t be bothered, too hard!

Moving my running around the weather is easy. Get up at the crack of dawn, take your rest day on the hottest day and do your hardest longest sessions on the coolest days. But what happens when one day I line up for a race and it is freakishly HOT. I have never “sucked up” a run in the heat. I dare say it would be my first DNF (which I am not scared of… I accept this will one day happen!) but I don’t want “too soft to run in the heat” to be the reason!

I realised the only way I was ever going to be able to run in the heat is if I run in the heat. Genius hey? So I continued on for my long and “relaxing” cool down.  Amazingly as every minute passed I felt a little bit better. Yes some of it was recovering from my awesome but crazy intervals but some of it was also my body adapting to the heat. If well hydrated and realistic about your pace running in the heat can be quite good (yep I am trying to convince myself!) Decreased chance of injury is definitely a big plus for warmer weather running!

In 2 weeks I will be following NO training plan but I will definitely be “training” to be an ALL conditions runner. Time to toughen up!!!

Are you a freak hot weather runner?

Back in the groove

Well another training week is done and I’m happy to say it was much more inspiring than last week!

Yesterdays tempo run included 20mins at 13kmp/h which felt great. This week also saw some 1km intervals at 4min pace!!!!

I can definitely say now I am hitting my pre-baby speeds if not better.

There was also a good mix of treadmill and pavement runs this week. As we get closer to pram runs I am looking forward to a lot more pavement runs. However I have come to really enjoy the treadmill runs and will probably still do my tempos and intervals on the treadie.

Soon we will be turning this. . .

Into this

I can’t tell you how excited I am about having the little guy facing the world. As much as I love being able to gaze into him now in the bassinet set up, he is so inquisitve HE will just love the forward facing configuration. I’m also pretty sure the poor child is probably sick of staring up at my face… No wonder he goes to sleep when I put him in the pram!!!!

The wonderful world of pram running is awaiting us. How exciting it will be to share my love of running with my son.

Here are some great tips from Moms Little Running Buddy on running with a pram. . . Click here

Treadmill Time

After a solid 10 hour sleep Little A wakes at 5.30am for a feed before settling back down for another couple of hours. Once he’s down I slip on my sneakers and escape out the back door while hubby and bubby snooze. When I return I enjoy a nice hot shower, have breakfast with Big A and pack his lunch. Then a happy and well slept little A stirs from his cot… and so my day begins.


As much as I would like to fantasise about such mornings the reality is 90% of my mornings wouldn’t resemble anything like this! Firstly newborns don’t sleep for 10 hours straight but even if and when he does I doubt his waking and sleep times will magically align with my ideal training and showering times. At the moment I am just grateful for a shower time!

So that coupled with the fact that apparently you aren’t meant to leave babies at home unattended while you go for a run means I am going to have to do some treadmill time.

Treadmills are not my favourite way to train by a long shot but a treadie run is better than no run. While Treadmill runs are a bit “boring” and speed workouts just aren’t as good on them I am still grateful for treadmills and here’s why:

1. I will get to run when I otherwise could not
2. Rain, hail, shine you can always run on a treadmill
3. You can watch trash TV and rest assured you are still being productive!
4. You don’t have to wait for your Garmin to charge if you forgot to plug it in the night before
5. You can wear your ultra daggy comfortable training clothes in the privacy of your own home
6. You can lie down on the warm belt post run for your stretch…REALXING!

So even if I don’t get many “ideal” mornings in the next few months I can still be clocking up the Ks thanks to the trusty Treadie.