You know you have failed as a housewife when you get in your car to get take away for dinner and it still smells of last nights take away.

Yes it was not my finest moment. Purely and utterly disorganised.

Life is not even chaotic but rather just constant at the moment. I seem to move straight from one thing to the next thing all the while trying to find a spare minute to work on the big projects in the background.

On Friday I put my head in the freezer to discover my pureeing stash for Little A had dwindled to almost nothing. 6 weeks ago I was whinging that I couldn’t fit even a tiny tub of ice cream in the freezer as Little A’s food took up ALL of it. Now I have my tub of ice cream but am back in the kitchen doing a daily batch of pureeing.

I have to confess I am hopless in the kitchen. Big A didn’t marry me for my cooking abilities. We eat simple meals that take little time to prepare. Nothing I cook or bake will ever end up on pinterest. Luckily though I love food and the desire for it forces me to at least try. I salivate at some of the recipes I see on people’s blogs and when I am feeling game I venture into my kitchen. Sure mine never looks as good as the picture but I try.

Luckily for Little A there isn’t much you can mess up when it comes to pureeing…



Cut & cook






Mix and match for serving ( Sweet Potato, Brocoli, Carrot & Pumpkin)

While it is not difficult it is mundane and timely. I don’t love it. But I love Little A and I love that I am preparing food for him that is nutritious and brings him joy. Not every aspect of parenting is going to be magical and for me pureeing is not magical its mundane! Although I am becoming a bit of an expert… the other day Big A asked me how I could tell the difference between the Sweet Potato, Carrot and Pumpkin. I quickly informed him which shade of orange was which. Yep, move over 50 Shades of Grey cause we’ve got 50 shades of Orange and thats way “hotter” than grey!

Anyhow between preparing Little A’s meals and projects around the house I had given little thought to what the rest of us (Big A and I) were meant to be eating. For the last two nights after Little A has gone to bed I have realised I hadn’t organised anything for dinner and the supermarket was closed. So we have had to resort to takeaway. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have anything against takeaway but I prefer to enjoy it when I am craving a good indian meal or a pizza and wine night. I don’t enjoy takeaway when I really don’t feel like it and its purely as a result of me being disorganised.

So I am giving myself a big fat “F” for organisation this week! My punishment will be when I get in my car and it smells like a horrible mix of Chinese and Pizza.

So I ask…

Have you had a failure moment? Come on make me feel better!!!

Are you good in the kitchen?

Whats something Mundane that you do out of love for yourself or others?

6 months

It feels like yesterday Little A gave us his first smile. Now he just can’t wipe that cheesy grin from his face.

Mind you he does have a lot to smile about. This month Little A got his first set of wheels! No longer happy to “sit” back in his rocker we decided it was time for a walker. After test driving a couple…

“Not my style mummy”

“Does it have power steering”

We finally settled on this one…

He loves standing up in it and is slowly figuring out that if he “pushes off” he moves. Mind you he can’t seem to get it out of reverse at the moment which causes him great frustration!

Also making the Little guy smile is his new Jolly Jumper…

Anything that tires that bundle of energy out makes mummy happy too!

This month saw the arrival of two teeth! Teething is joyful… NOT!!! Bucket loads of drool, bright red cheeks, short naps, frequent night waking and a sad and grizzly boy.

The Womens and Childrens Hospital teething gel worked wonders for us when his second tooth cut through. Little A has never really taken to “teething toys” which is strange because he his happy to put just about anything else in his mouth…

We are only one tenth of the way through the whole teething process but I can tell you the best advice and treatment for a teething baby (in our limited experience) is CUDDLES!

we have continued to introduce Little A to new foods and he is now enjoying 3 meals a day. New on the menu is Pumpkin, Carrot, Banana, Pear, Broccoli & Lentils.

We have also introduced rusks. I love them because they will keep Little A entertained for at least 20 minutes but I hate them because the aftermath takes about 20 minutes to clean up!

“What mess mum?”


Last month I was left wondering if we would still have to wrap this boy when he was 13! Turns out that teething may have just helped Little A to move out of wraps. One night Little A grizzled until he had his arm free (to put in his mouth!)

The next night I wrapped him with an arm free and the night after that we said good bye to wrapping and are now using sleep sacks. I love Sleep Sacks! Apart from being super cute they are so practical. Although after 5 months of having him pinned down it was a little scary to walk in and find him down the other end of the cot or on his belly playing…

I would love to say that Little A has been sleeping through the nights and we have all been getting loads of sleep but that would be a FAT LIE! In reality we are all getting the least amount of sleep since Little A came along.

Rewind a month or two ago and the only reason Little A woke was to feed. Easy… feed and back in cot. Now it feels like there are 100 different things going on. Teething. Growth spurts. Seperation anxiety (yep, Suddenly he is aware he is all alone in his room and if he cries mummy & daddy come).

As much as I am happy to demand feed, I don’t want to be used as a human dummy so it’s been a challenge to establish what’s really going on each night and tend to him in a way that I am comfortable doing long term. We seem to have gotten on top of it… for now!

Finally, here are some of my favourite pics from this month…

“who changed the channel?”

“Mummy & Daddy will never find me here”

“Can you get my phillips head?”

“mummy will be in BIG trouble when dad sees this photo!”

“Hmmm… Everything looks a bit orange.”

5 months

Make yourself a cuppa and put your feet up this is going to be a long one! It has been an exciting and eventful month for our little guy.

After weeks of staring at us eating and even trying to steal rice off my plate we decided it was time to introduce Little A to the wonderful world of solids. The process has been a gradual one as we are introducing one new food each week. Starting with Farex, Little A has since enjoyed Sweet Potato, Apple and most recently Avocado. He happily devours everything on offer and lets out a desperate wail if you haven’t reloaded the spoon by the time he has swallowed his last mouthful. His obvious LOVE of food is a sure sign he is my son (in case that experience of child birth ever fades and I am ever left wondering!!!!) However it is not all smiles and smooth sailing at food time. Here is how a typical mealtime plays out…

“Is that for me?”

“Bring my bib back… I’m not done!”

Speaking of bibs I discovered very quickly that they don’t cover much and when you are an OCD mother dealing with curious little fingers and sweet potato they just don’t cut it. Enter the painting smock…

“I thought you were just kidding about wrapping me in plastic”

Here is some more mealtime fun for you:

“Any chance of seconds?”

“Okay no seconds then. What about some dessert?”

“What about that banana over there”


Little A’s appetite isn’t the only thing that has developed this month. Now that he has well and truly mastered the grasping of things he wants to grab everything in sight. This is making simple things like trying to read a book a bit more of a challenge! On the plus side though he is starting to enjoy his toys on a whole new level…

Tummy time is turning into a desperate bid to get moving. Luckily (for us) he is a little way off actually getting anywhere just yet but its super cute to watch him try his little heart out. Most attempts to draw his knees up and lift his hips result in a face plant which is quite entertaining!

In regards to sleep I have finally adjusted to the 2 feeds per night which hasn’t changed since it started last month. Apart from the feeds Little A is more settled at nights again. We did have one night this month that gave me insight as to what its like to get up 5 times in the space of a 2.5 hours! Luckily things returned to normal again the next night. Sleep deprivation doesn’t suit me!

As for daytime sleeps we have now dropped down to 3 sleeps per day. These sleeps can vary in length from 30 minutes up to 2.5 hours. Generally I find that his first sleep in the morning is his best sleep for the day. Like all mothers I just adore a sleeping baby! Here are my favourite snoozing shots from this month…

All in all it has been an amazing month filled with lots of special memories. I can’t wait to see what next month holds.

When did you stop wrapping baby for sleep time?
Any tips on helping them adjust