Please help!

I am participating in the 2012 Adelaide Marathon Running Festival being held on the 19th August (my birthday!) as part of the Muscle Team. As a member of the Muscle Team I will be raising money for adults and children with a neuromuscular condition.

It is hard to imagine that everyday tasks such as walking, driving and getting dressed can be so difficult but unfortunately this is the case for many people with a neuromuscular condition.

This is why I have taken this opportunity to use my muscles for someone who has less muscle power and raise funds along the way to help provide specialist services such as physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, speech therapy and counselling which are crucial for MDSA’s clients. You too can help by sponsoring me in this event!

If you could spare even $1 please click here to donate.

Thank you to all the wonderful friends and family who have already donated. Your support means the world to me and to those whose lives will be greatly improved because of your generosity.