Three Things Thursday

Three things that are making me smile today…

1. Building up the Ks.

I think I may be a long distance runner stuck in the body of short distance runner. I can clearly achieve far more over the shorter distances but I just LOVE the feeling of clocking up some serious Ks.

Even though fitting in the longer runs are much harder I have come off all my long runs on such a high!

2. Fruit fruit and more fruit

Ok so there isn’t actually any fruit in sight YET but this week we have welcomed 4 new fruit trees to our garden.

This is in addition to our apple tree and 4 types of grapes that we have also planted this year. I know we have years of waiting for anything edible but geez it makes me so happy to look out the window in the morning and see these little babies…

Oranges, Lemons, Limes & Mandarins

3. This little Lion

I have recently developed an unhealthy obsession with all things Lion. This is probably because Little A roars like a little lion and lions make me think of him. When I saw this little Lion in the shops I just couldn’t leave him there…

I refuse to put this outfit away because I just want to look at it… so cute!

Happy Thursday… it’s almost the weekend which for runners means races and long runs… WAHOO!

World… Hold On!

Just a quick post to assure my 2 readers (Hi Mum!) that I haven’t fallen off the blogosphere.

Apparently my relaxed pace is a bit too slow for this fast pace world. Over the last week I just can’t seem to find time for much more than eating, playing & running!

No cleaning, no blogging and no pureeing. So I am putting myself on “house arrest” for a couple of days to catch up.

Running is going great guns. Last week I clocked up 70km which is my biggest mileage week since returning to running post baby.

In other news (you mean there is something other than running!?!?)….

Spring is here and Little A and I are lapping up the beautiful weather and spending every second we can outside!

I took my lunch break outside while Little A slept… Clearly I’m a very busy woman!

I am very proud to announce that our Apple tree is sprouting green which is great news considering Little A is the first thing I have successfully kept alive ever!

Training week wrap to follow soon…