Favourites for Fridays

I have read lots of posts about the Time Magazine article “Are you mom enough?” and I thought I would share my favourite one.

I think this mum has got it sussed. . .
Click here to read it.

The only thing I could come up with to add to that amazing list is:

I hope to raise children who love and respect their bodies and make their health, fitness and wellbeing a priority without being vain.

Enjoy your weekends. I have an 80 minute run planned and the rest of the weekend will be spending quality time with my boys!

Favourites for Friday

I am just passing the final days of pregnancy now and “Passing” is the perfect description. It feels like an event getting from one day to the next and all the time wondering if today will be the day. In a bid to not let the last weeks drag I have kept my social calendar pretty full with lunches, coffees, shopping, movies and pampering. Indeed I would be a lady of leisure if it weren’t for the extra 12kg and discomfot instead I am definitely a “lady in waiting” ( I totally get that saying now and geez I don’t like to wait!)

Anyhow, on to the good stuff. Its Friday and here I celebrate with sharing some of my favourite things with you:

Cheese – Shredded, Parmeasan, Jarlsberg, Cheedar and all most evey other kind. YUMMO! I have to say I had such a limited amount of cheese in my diet before pregnancy (because it is high in fat) but now I put this yummy stuff in and on everything and I wont be giving it up post pregnancy thats for sure!

My Mini Notebook (I think its called a Netbook??) – This pint sized laptop has been a god send. Its the perfect size for browsing on the couch, emailing, blogging and reading kindle. It follows me everywhere around the house and I wonder how I ever used a full size laptop. This thing is too convenient for words.

Apple Juice – Its always been yummy but I really took to apple juice early in pregnancy and my love affair has returned in the last few weeks. I can now be satisfied with one big glass a day but at the start I could have downed 2litres a day and I nearly did once.

Maternity Clothes – As much as I was happy to still fit in to some of my ordinary clothes, Maternity clothes are way more comfortable! Stretchcy, loose and oh so practical.

Royal Copenhagen – Before my next pregnancy we will definitely have to buy some shares or a branch of this company! Thanks to me and my little tenant I am sure they will be recording a record quarter for this summer. And to the lovely folk at RC – Thank you for bringing back Watermelon Sorbet!!! It was a long summer last year without my trusty favourite but I have well and truely made up for its abscnece this year. I have always tried to keep this to a once per week habit but I have given in to my every craving since pregnancy and even ended up at RC TWICE in one day (and I am NOT a one-scoop girl!)

Online grocery shopping – I have always HATED shopping. Now I have discovered online shopping I get all the big bad bulky stuff delivered and just pop out each week for my fresh fruit,veggies,meat and bread. It is so much less of an ordeal now to do the shopping now that all the big stuff gets delivered. I swear I am spending less too!

My Garmin – yes it still made it to number #1. Because even though I’m only walking (waddling now) its been so instrumental in keeping me focused and motivated.

Well I will post again on the otherside. Wish me luck!!!