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I have been called many things in my life but “mummy” is definitely my favourite. On March 5th, 2012 Big A and I welcomed this gorgeous little guy into the world.

He was the most precious thing I had ever seen and I feel truly blessed everyday to be his mummy.
Without a doubt being a mother is the most demanding role of my life but it is also the most rewarding BY FAR! I probably get it wrong half the time but hey, I’m working it out as I go.



I started running in 2008 and my relationship with running has evolved a lot over these last years. I have dabbled in it, done it socially and done it for times and PBs. It probably took me the best part of 3 years to work out exactly what running means to me and in what forms I do and don’t enjoy it and here it is:
Running is about pushing myself, improving and taking myself out of my comfort zone all for that satisfaction of achievement at the end. It is my time to switch off from my day to day life and let my mind and body free. For me, the benefits of running extend long beyond the time I am out on the pavement. Running gives me an energy boost and a “mental” restart that help me achieve the most out of each of my days. I am a better person because I do run and I will never see the time I am away from my family running as a sacrifice because running improves the time when I am with my family.
I LOVE speedwork. Strange? Yes some may say so but as tough as it can be to get out the door for a “hard” session once I am out and warmed up I am pumped. I love intervals and tempo runs. There is nothing like shaving seconds of your time or coming home knowing that you gave everything you had in the tank.
I enjoy the occasional social run but now I am a mum I prefer to have running as “me” time and love being able to tailor my runs to my own limits and potential.

I am a qualified Personal Trainer with over 6 years experience helping clients to achieve their health and fitness goals. I am now dedicating my time to helping and inspiring mums to embrace physical activity and wellness to achieve happy, healthy and BALANCED lives.

My Qualifications include:
– Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness

– Pre and Post Natal Exercises

– Nutrition for Pregnancy and Lactation

– Nutrition for Exercise and Sport

– Advanced Ball Training

– Cycle Excel (Indoor Cycling)

– HeartMoves

– Kickboxing for Fitness

My professional registration is with Kinect Australia and I  maintain my Senior First Aid certification with St John.

On this Blog I aim to share the triumphs and tribulations of my journey as a mother and a runner. I hope this honest account entertains and inspires the mother and runner inside you. I am also available for chats and to take your questions so please feel free to email me

jdziano at gmail dot com

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