Chill time!

I am not deluded in any way about what lies ahead…

Hours of planning, organising and prepping for runs, day after day of fuelling and recovering from runs, week after week of sweating it out on the treadie and the pavement. Actually doing the runs will be the easiest bit. Co-ordinating life around the runs, fuelling for them and then getting my body recovered for the next run will be the challenge.

For this recreational runner training for a marathon is “all consuming”. My completely relaxed attitude to food will have to shape up a little bit to ensure that I am getting in enough carbs and running-friendly foods so I can PERFORM AND RECOVER! My relaxed approach to my core training will have to shape up a little to keep me strong and injury free. My relaxed approach to foam rolling and all things recovery will have to shape up a little bit to ensure I can back up the runs day after day.

In short I (I mean WE) have 20 weeks of life being a little dictated by my running. I will write a post shortly on all the GUILT that goes with this and how I am trying to work through it and stay focused on the goal and stop driving Big A crazy by apologising every 5 minutes…. and I haven’t even started training yet!

From experience I have learned that I need a program with a little bit of give in it. Basically a little bit of room in case of injury or illness but not too much room to be “peaked” for too long. However if I am lucky enough to avoid injury and illness then I am signing up for 20 weeks of non-stop running. Running that is faster and longer than ever before. My weekly kilometres will quickly double from a casual 30-50km that I do now to a personal record of 70 – 90km.

I am excited and terrified at the same time!!!

For me there is only one thing harder than training for a marathon… tapering for a marathon. Its tough. Not running when you are only weeks or days out from attempting 42.2km is fricken crazy and totally does my head in but I KNOW it is what my body needs to perform at its best.

So with that in mind I have decided that to get my body to perform at its best for the TRAINING for a marathon (which for the record makes the actual marathon pale in comparison) I need to REST it, RECOVER it, RECHARGE it and REPAIR it.

I have decided to do this with 7 – 10 day of all out NO RUNNING or training at any intensity for that fact. Only a little recreational incidental activity for me.

Why 7 – 10 days?

My goal was to take 10 days of rest which is inside the 2 weeks at which we start to lose our cardiovascular fitness but as long as possible to rest any niggles and promote the maximum muscle repair. I have given myself the flexibility of doing a gentle run at 7 days so that I can have a warm up run or two before I hit the program. This takes the pressure off the first day of the training program and gives me a run or two to find my feet again before I embark on 20 weeks of pure insanity.

How will I cope?

I probably wont. It is no secret I turn into a bit of a nutter when I am not running. However just like the marathon training has been a way for me to shift my focus from other things I am going to shift my focus from running to other things for the next week or so. I am going to absorb every moment of life without running at the forefront while I can. I am also going to enjoy the extra spare time to catch up on reading, writing and other hobbies that come a distant second to running (watch out pile of runners mags that are sitting on my coffee table – I’m coming for you!)

This is the life… all I need now is a Mojito

I could harp on forever about how important REST is in any kind of training. As hard as it will be some days when I am itching to put my sneakers on I think this week is going to give my body (and mind in some ways) the best chance of suceeding at what lies ahead. So rest it is!

Do you ever take a FULL on REST WEEK? Post race maybe?

If you are not running how do you spend your spare time?

8 thoughts on “Chill time!

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  2. Good luck! I like that you’re so honest about not coping, but going for it anyway. And apologising every 5 minutes – so there with you :-).

    I am so, so exited for you. A marathon is perfectly ‘on the edge’ for an obsessive runner nutter – plenty of highs, a few lows (and they make the highs seem even better) and a sweet, sweet reward at the end.

    If there’s any way I can line it up, I’m totally going to be there holding a big sign!

  3. I’m sooooooo excited for your marathon!! I just finished my first at the end of October so I can totally relate to apologizing every 5 minutes for the run taking over your life. Tapering wasn’t as bad as I expected but I managed to fill my time with lots of extra stuff so I didn’t really notice it as much.

    As for taking time off before or after, I only ran about 10 miles the week before the marathon and I jumped right into training for my 2nd marathon right after finishing #1! (I might be a bit crazy…)

    I can’t wait to follow your journey!! And thank you for the kind words you left on my blog. xoxo – Gina

    • Back to back marathons is for serious runner addicts :=) You are crazy bad!! So impressed!!! It makes total sense though to make the most of all the fitness you have built. I have been doing a lot of reading lately on multiple marathons and it seems quite do-able with the right planning.

      Looking forward to comparing training notes for #2 as we go :=)

  4. hahah…can i say i DEFINE insane when i’m not able to run! 😉 but there are certainly times where it is needed, so retain ur sanity and don’t worry, the days WILL go by!! i occupy my time by doing writing or artwork, i also read…that helps distract my mind.

    i’m excited for u to venture into the marathon training and i kno u’ll do awesome! i also like that u’re going in knowing that ur training plan will have some flexiblity, that’s important because no plan is etched in stone…keep on assess as u go and change if need be!

    oh, and use Little A to help distract u too! 🙂

  5. Yay! I’m excited; you’re tackling a marathon, too. You are so smart to take rest up front, and go into the training strong. I have realized this past year how bad I am at planning in down time (like you, I am not very good at it)! But I’m determined to plan in a week or two at least once a year, our bodies need that break.

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