The universe’s plan… now its mine!

As much as I like to be proactive in trying to design my life I have come to accept that there are things in life that are just out of our control. Things that are driven by the universe and sometimes the universe’s grand plan doesn’t align with our own plans. However they do say as every door closes another one opens.There hasn’t been  a door closing in my life as much as I have been sitting by the door waiting for it to open and it just is NOT opening.

Lactational Amenorrhea sounds like a dream but when you are keen to grow your family it is kind of frustrating. So here I am twiddling my thumbs waiting for my body to kick back into baby baking mode.

2 weeks ago after my 5km “not so fabulous” race…  I had an idea. A crazy idea. So crazy it seemed ridiculous at first but the more I thought about it the less crazy and wild this idea became.

After a few days of thinking it over and over I was starting to seriously consider this idea and decided it was time to float it to Big A.

Let me just say I am lucky to be blessed with the most supportive family who have always encouraged and supported me to achieve my goals. I was even luckier to marry a man who is also so supportive of me and backs my every dream and goal 100% no matter how crazy.

So once I had got the OK from Big A I did what any Type A control freak personality does –  organise the hell out of it. I worked out every tiny detail to the point where I could see it all coming together BUT I still wasn’t ready to commit.

Then this happened. I visited my Podiatrist… The king of the lower limbs. I walked in to my appointment 75% committed to my crazy idea and walked out 100% committed.

Decision made.

As of Monday 26th November I will abandon my running to NO program approach and start a 20 week training program for …

WaHoo! YeeeeeHaaaa!

So  rather than sit around and be frustrated and impatient with my body I am going to refocus my energies on another goal. Yes, Little A (and Big A) are my #1 priority but he sleeps 14 hours per day (Little A that is!) so there is definitely some time each day to pursue a crazy goal.

Now there are so many things I want to share with you all but in the interest of not making this the LONGEST post ever I will split it up into 4 more posts that I will publish over the next week. Here is a sneak preview of them…

Chill time!… I’m prepping for a marathon but fully intend to sit on my butt for the next 7 – 10 days ( and I am not injured!) here I tell you why!
I just got the hang of that Running to NO plan. Everything about my experience and what I will do in the future.
So much more than running .. There is so much more to prepping for a marathon than just running. In this post I will share all my plans: nutrition, recovery, managing my niggles and balancing family life.
Running Royalty… A an exciting post to tell you what tipped my decision to train for the Canberra Marathon… THIS IS EXCITING!!!!

Of course running will move up the priority list and blogging will have to move down a little. However I do aim to share a marathon training update each week in addition to the normal mummy and running posts.

Finally I just want to point out that I have committed to TRAINING for the Canberra Marathon NOT RUNNING it. The truth is if my body kicks back into baby baking mode in the next two months I could easily ditch the marathon to move forward with growing our family. However there will come a time when I am far enough into the training when there will be no turning back and I will see out the marathon no matter what my body does. In the interest of making race preparations I have decided to give myself a deadline of February 21st to make a decision on the race. This will see me 12 weeks into my training and 8 weeks out from the race.

So anyone want to come line up at Canberra with me?

When have you been frustrated with your body?

Am I crazy?

How far out from a race do you sign up for it?

13 thoughts on “The universe’s plan… now its mine!

  1. I am so, so excited for you! And very much looking forward to all of these new posts. And so frustrated for you that you can’t kick into gear yet – stupid bodies, telling us what to do – it should be the other way around!

    I had a chat with the Rake today, and talked about me considering another marathon. He asked me to wait – and I totally respect that. I’ve done a lot to strain the relationship with my goals, and as he pointed out, I have a few big goals to meet as it is. So no to Canberra – but I was thinking about it ;-).

    • I totally agree that training for a marathon is a massive STRAIN on all things including a relationship. We are so lucky to be supported in our running but must never take advantage of it. Even though I haven’t even started the training I feel guilty about the committment and what is ahead already 😦 You certainly have some MASSIVE goals on the go at the moment and it will be nice to have running as a go-to for relaxation and unwinding and not the “all consuming” it becomes when prepping for a marathon. Who knows maybe we’ll run NY one day 😉

  2. You seem to have such a fantastic and supportive family 🙂

    woohoo! Marathon’ing! What a great goal! I hope to do my first sometime in 2013 – no idea how training and all that will go, looking forward to reading about your journey!

  3. Wow, what a huge decision. I can jog for about 5 minutes on the treadmill and that is the extent of my running, I am much more of a power walker. Good luck with the training and preparations, my sisters have gotten in to running and I can see how much they love it and how much it has benefited them so well done.

  4. Whilst I am not a runner, I do applaud you for taking control. You have chosen the best course of action and should be commended.
    Good luck and keep throwing it out there to the universe. Maybe one day it might listen….that’s what I’m hoping for anyway!
    via FYBF

  5. SOOOO freaking stoked for u!!! this is freaking awesome, way to go!! can u tell i’m excited and that u are TOTALLY gonna rock the he## out of that! dang, i wish i could come and join u for the start, if only my rowboat would make it. 😉 enjoy the last days of repose until official GO time begins, and kno i’m cheering for u freaking every step of the way!! can’t wait!

    • Awwwwww! You rock. Not only are you the most talented artist and runner you are the fricken awesome support crew too!

      I thought we were working on finding some “aussie muscle” to row you over here. You must save all your energy for running girl! Don’t despair if your boat doesn’t make it here WE are coming to you! My dream race list is slowly filling with LOTS of US races :=)

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  7. Very excited for you!
    I’ve already committed to Canberra and a whole host of Marathons next year so i’ll totally be there! I did it this year and thoroughly enjoyed it. I will probably run through and do the ultra as well 😉 I have a friend who lives in canberra and i’m using this as a way to persuade him to try his hand at a longer distance too 🙂
    Oh and don’t let anyone tell you “Canberra is flat” there are more hills in the Canberra Marathon than there were at Melbourne Marathon!! There’s some section you run up signposted “Devils Mountain” or some such thing – since you go past there twice and stare at the sign angrily – you’d think i’d remember its proper name!!

    • Ok first let me say a MASSIVE thank you for the heads up. I totally had Canberra pegged to be FLAT. Very glad to know in advance that this is not the case. Can’t wait to see that sign and give it the nasty snarl (twice!)

      Weather wise I was expecting a perfect 12degrees (hopeful… I know!)… was that about it last year? I know Canberra is generally cold but hoping not too windy?

      So you are a crazy Ultra runner. I really can not get my head around those distance yet. But maybe one day after another decade of running I will be singing another tune.

      As for egging your friends on to try longer distances – AWESOME. That has got to be the definition of a good friend!

      Keep me up to date with your training…although it sounds like you are always “marathon ready”!!! Always happy for advice and tips from the pros!

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