Wordless Wednesday: Summer wardrobe



What clothes are you living in this season? Judging from the washing pile I put away today its running shorts, running shorts and more running shorts!!!

Favourite running shorts? My Running Bare ones… can you tell by how trashed they look?!!?






10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Summer wardrobe

    • A nike girl hey? I totally get the nike love!! I went nuts in Nike town in LA on our honeymoon. I hardly shopped all holiday and then we hit Nike town and well I went CRAZY!!! You guys have ALL the good stuff over there!

  1. Living in my Lorna Jane ‘Amy’ running tights this summer (what a coincidence) and my Cait Chock t-shirt of course. I should check out those Nikes, just afraid of my pasty white thighs blinding drivers as I run past…

    • He he! I am with you on the white legs. Big A said to me the other day “What is that white thing on the bottom of your shorts” silly me went looking for a loose thread and then he said “oh no don’t worry its just your legs!”

      I love that you are living in Amy tights. How fitting! And the Cait Chock tees… is there any other kind 😉

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