Little A was finally asleep (after 10 minutes of protesting about going to bed) and I was finally lacing up my sneakers for my run. I was excited to be hitting the pavement and not the treadie for a change. It was warm and I was hoping to get out some good distance so I strapped on my fuel belt for hydration.

I headed out at a steady pace as my focus was more on running longer than any particular speed. Somewhere between the 2km and 3km mark I started to feel the horrible rubbing on the back of the foot – the start of a blister. Seriously?!?! How many times had I ran in these socks and shoes?!?! Why on earth was I suddenly getting a blister!?!?! At this stage the discomfort was bearable and I plodded on but by the 6km mark it was getting more painful and I decided I would rather get home and get the little bugger drained and sorted so not as to affect the rest of my running week. So I headed home. I finished my run at the 7km disappointed to have only done a smidge of the distance I had wanted.

I have racked my brain to think of the last time I got a blister from running and I can’t. Maybe running is a little like child birth in that you quickly forget all the pain and horrible stuff and only remember the joy. But honestly I don’t think blisters are something I have ever really encountered over the last 4 years of running.

Just when I thought my feet couldn’t get any more hideous I am now sporting this little baby…

So now I am trying desperately to work out what caused this so I can avoid it in the future. Is it just the slight increase in foot size at the end of the day (a hot day at that)? Do I need to double sock?

On a positive note the shorter run means I can try and get an early night and I am so in need of some serious sleep so I will consider tonight an investment of my time in muscle recovery!

Do you ever get Blisters? If so what triggers them? Do you drain or leave them?

How were your weekend runs? Better than my effort I hope!!

9 thoughts on “Seriously?!?!

  1. For me, blisters mean bad shoe fit usually, or wet feet! Given the latter wasn’t an issue, sometimes I’ve had to adjust my lacing, but usually it’s the foot moving in the shoe. Rarely, I have a sock ‘die’ and blisters are the result. I just started trialling Hoka Bondi’s and had blisters on my first long run :-/

    My best recommendation is compeed blister guards! Get two and carry in your run kit all the time! You could’ve covered this heel early and finished the long run without a problem. At Melbourne marathon I used them to cover my nipples lol… But have saved a heel or two for me in the past too!

  2. i’m not prone to blisters either but BAM i just got some the other day myself…crazy timing. sadly sometimes blisters just come even if we don’t really change anything BUT it’s worth making sure u’re wearing the right socks (moisture wicking). and even sometimes just the way ur laces are tied can do it. since it was hot double check those socks and i hope it goes away soon!
    PS- i’d suggest lancing it with a clean needle and putting a band-aid/neo on it and keep making sure it gets drained, that should help it get better faster. or at least so u can run with less pain.

    • Oh no not you too! We must have gone out in sympathy with each other 😦
      Stabbed, drained and covered and I ran relatively pain free yesterday but I think I must have changed my running style a little to avoid it as I woke up with a blister on my big toe Seriously #2!?!?! Time for more drainage!!! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

      Running is such an attractive sport eh?

  3. I am the queen of gross feet in our house! Every time I change running shoes, get new socks, or increase my mileage, up pops (no pun intended, or maybe it was…) one of these little/huge darlings. I have worked out that wearing all cotton socks is best, and making sure my socks go all the way above my shoes (so attractive) is the best way to avoid them. I have been known to wrap strapping tape around blisters (yep, ouch) to go out running.
    Like I said, I am gross.
    No weekend runs for me 😦 On Sunday my sister and I went for a walk and just as we had almost reached home we found a stray dog and spent the rest of the afternoon trying to find his owner.
    Monday long run was good though, thanks to my inspirational internet friends 🙂

    • You are such a beautiful person! Lucky lost dog got to hang out with you girls for the arvo :=)

      Thanks for your tips. I don’t think any of the above is gross but I think the bar for gross moves a little when you become a runner 😉 Hey I’m the girl who posted a photo of my blister on the internet…. real charmer eh?

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